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Dabba Gul will make women look at diamond rings differently now.

-Anupama Chopra

The use of sound, or say the lack of it, has made this film what it is. It says so much without saying anything.

-R.S. Prasanna

Dabba Gul made us hungry for more films from him. 

-Bhawana Somaaya



This film is like India's Gaspar Noé short. Gaspar should watch this.

-Anurag Kashyap

Funny! And the final credits are very cool.

-Gaspar Noé

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Kushal is focused on quality storytelling, striking visuals, and the apt use of sound(s) to put his pieces together to have the independent impact every project needs to have, whether it is a film or a commercial. His experience covers award winning short films, feature films, TVCs, digital brand films, music videos & new media content. 


“I want to make films that will evoke and inspire. Films that will, not only entertain you, but leave a lasting impression, trigger a thought and/or take action.
Having worked as a Creative Producer, Executive Producer, Copywriter and a Screen-writer, I have a a 360 degree approach and good understanding of bridging the gaps that exist in projects. My team and I work on briefs. We take feedback. We love what we do.

More importantly, others love what we do too!"