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“I want to make films that will evoke and inspire. Films that will, not only entertain you, but leave a lasting impression, trigger a spark in you..
Whether it's brand films, commercials, narratives, music videos, short films, or feature films, I have gained valuable experience in each genre, allowing me to draw from diverse learnings and effectively communicate my vision."

In 2018, my short film Dabba Gul (The Lunch), made in 50 hours, won the gold at the World's Largest FIlm-making Challenge amongst 1800 films from around the world. After receiving critical acclaim, I continued to tell stories and won the challenge once again in 2020 with my short film OFFLINE. 
The film was appreciated by some top filmmakers and critics of India and by the Cannes recognised Filmmaker Gaspar Noé (Dir: Enter the void, Irreversible,Climax)


In 2020, I finished my first project as a Screenwriter for a feature film and currently working on the next writing project. I have worked closely with countless brands, agencies and creative teams as a director, producer, and a creative consultant which has given me a tremendous understanding of advertising and marketing techniques. 

While I founded VERMMASILLY FILMS, a production house based out of Bombay, I am always open to collaborations and freelancing work..

"Dabba Gul will make women look at diamond rings differently now."
-Anupama Chopra

"Dabba Gul made us hungry for more films from him." 

-Bhawana Somaaya


"This film is like India's Gaspar Noé short. Gaspar should watch this."
-Anurag Kashyap

Great! And the end credits are very cool!"

-Gaspar Noé

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